This is the C&MA Bible Quizzing Leadership Team, otherwise known as the CQLT.  The CQLT are the people responsible for running C&MA Bible Quizzing.  These men and women work hard to help the districts run smoothly.  If you have any questions for the CQLT you can contact them at

Heather Pitman

Canadian Midwest District
Canada Representative

Zachary Tinker

Great Lakes District
United States Representative

Rick Stout

Northeastern District
United States Representative

Breanna Sinclair

Western Canadian District
Canada Representative

Aaron Haight

Eastern Canadian District
Canada Representative

Ken Sproul

Western Pennsylvania District
United States Representative

Scott Wakeley

Life Office of The Alliance
Member - Ex Officio

Dan Boal

Alliance Youth Consultant
Member - Ex Officio

If you have questions you can either contact us at the email address above or by contacting your district coordinator.